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Indulge in our delicious homemade cakes, served in portable glass jars, perfect for sharing or savoring on your own. Experience the sweetest way to celebrate any occasion. All you need is a spoon!

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Our Cake Jars
Each jar of cake we create is a journey through layers of taste, texture, and tantalizing aroma. From the comforting embrace of our Chocolate High Toffee-Mel Cake to the adventurous taste of our Straw buh-buh berry Shortcake, there's a world of flavors waiting to be discovered

Flavor of the Season

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Every season brings a new favorite at Cakes By The Jar. Handpicked by our passionate staff, our Flavor of the Season celebrates the unique tastes each time of year has to offer. Join us in savoring this special selection and discover why it's our team's top pick!

Red Velvet Cake (4pk)

Red Velvet Cake is an iconic American dessert with an outstanding flavor profile, our red velvet cake’s texture is worth writing home about. It’s dense and soft with a moist and velvety crumb topped with vanilla whipped frosting. You can’t go wrong with America’s iconic dessert.




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From our family to your home

Founded by Maneeka Beasley, she and her husband came up with the idea of sharing her love of baking with the world by offering them in cake jars. Something delicious, fun, unique, and on the go!

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