Indulge in your new favorite

Caramel Apple Cake (4pk)

Caramel Apple Cake is the kick off to apple season with this delicious cake!! A caramel cake, diced apples, drizzled with caramel with whipped frosting and topped with a a cinnamon and brown sugar strudel. First bit into this cake will have you thinking you’re eating grandma’s good o’le apple pie.

Straw buh-buh berry Shortcake (4pk)

Straw-Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh-Berry Shortcake is a staple in the nation’s, this sweet treat is layered with strawberry cake, strawberry filling topped with vanilla whipped frosting and the famous strawberry and vanilla crunch. This cake jar is so sweet, just like its name that’s bursting with flavor like the strawberry shortcake ice bar.

Lemon Crunch Cake (4pk)

Our lemon crunch cake will have you feeling zesty with its layers of lemon cake, lemon filling with our vanilla whipped frosting topped with our famous lemon crunch. You can’t blame it on the lemon crunch if you find yourself falling in love.

Vanilla Milkshake Cake (4pk)

That old time favorite milkshake but only in a jar layer with velvety vanilla cake, topped with our rich vanilla whipped frosting with added sprinkles and a cherry on top. Our Vanilla Milkshake will bring all the guests to your home, because they definitely will rave it’s better than anyone else’s

Chocolate High Toffee-Mel Cake (4pk)

Layers of decadent chocolate cake with a sweet toffee crunch, drizzle with caramel and topped with our vanilla whipped frosting. It’s the most delicious sensation that will definitely give you a chocolate high.